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Telecom VoIP Provider and Developer

1pbx Solutions Inc. is an Ontario, Canada corporation serving clients globally. Leading up to this date, Aaron Shames, President and CEO, has led multiple successful telecommunication ventures with offerings ranging from low cost residential to highly customized enterprise solutions. With over 10 years experience in the field, Aaron Shames has identified a target market which is not being adequately served by the current offerings of other companies in the industry.  While some businesses are able to use the non-customizable cookie cutter solutions offered from other business telecom providers, there are many who have specific needs and require a solution fit around them.  Instead of having to change your current operation to work around a non-flexible telecom solution, 1pbx will create a solution that integrates with your systems and meets all of your requirements.

1pbx Advantages

  • Uncanny ability to understand all of your needs and requirements
  • Ability to talk through the different options / strategies to meet your requirements
  • Discuss solutions in an easy to understand manner. We are the telecommunication experts so you do not have to be.  Our proposed solutions will make sense no matter how much or little you understand about VoIP and telecommunication systems.
  • 1pbx utilizes a telecom backbone which is fully redundant allowing multiple systems to fail and still not have an interruption of service.  This includes geographic redundancy; allowing an entire datacenter to go offline and still have your calls flowing.

Best Providers Available

At 1pbx we utilize the very best providers available for our Direct Inbound Dial numbers (phone numbers) and outbound call termination.  We have long standing relationships and experience working with many providers and have chosen only the very best to utilize for our valuable business clients services.  Our providers have been chosen for their top grade call quality and uptime guarantees.


 If you have any questions to learn if 1pbx is a good fit for your business, please complete the form below and we will be happy to provide a free consultation.


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