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Friday, 11 September 2020 09:40

pbxHQ Launching Soon with Limited Early Access Promotion

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pbxHQ Launching Soon

We have a very special service launching soon.  It is our same flexible, reliable, and feature rich Business phone service, but built for the masses.  It differs from our current offerings and our competitors offerings by being fully self-serve and automated.  Because of this, we are able to offer the service at disruptively low price points.  In depth pricing will be available by (approximately) middle of September.

Special Promotion for Early Access Registrations

We are offering the first 250 users to register/reserve a spot a giveaway for the LIFETIME of the account.  I did not want to post about this until the service was closer to being ready, but word already got out publicly about the service, so I felt the need to let our loyal clients, followers, and friends know about this before it is too late. In case you are unfamiliar with the terms I am going to use, I will explain what it means and the value of each:


Promotion Price

Our Price

Competitor Price (average)

What is this?

Metered Hosted PBX User First 5 users are $0.  Price stays at $0 for lifetime of account. $5/user per month $12.50-$30 It is a phone system user, on a metered plan.  Which means external calls will still incur a low per-minute cost, but internal calls, and all features are included.  This is the equivilent to our competitors top-tier plans feature wise.  
Phone Number First 5 numbers within US/Canada $0/month, again for lifetime of account $2/month for US/Canada Usually included in above user cost.  Or $5+ depending A phone number that you can utilize with our system any way you like.  It can be your companys main telephone number, it can be a direct line to a user, It can be routed through any special call flow logic you need.  Also can be used as a fax number.

Status of pbxHQ Launch

The phone service itself has been live and running for well over a year.  We have already built out the automation tools to allow us to offer this service the way already described.  We still need to complete the pbxHQ.com website and finish the integration between our pbxhq.com user portal and the business logic that was developed.

Launch date should be sometime in the next week.  

Promotion: Reserve your Spot!

The website needs some work still to showcase our system, and more detailed pricing information--but you can go there to reserve your spot in the promotion.  Please visit https://pbxhq.com/pricing and complete the form to reserve your spot.  Time is limited, as due to word of the promotion getting out, we have over 100 registrations within the last 24 hours.


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