Custom Business VoIP Solutions

VoIP Design, Development and Integration Specialists

We have great experience in creating solutions to meet all of your needs.  For more simple solutions, our existing customer portal can be utilized. For advanced data inputs, reports, or other custom needs, we will create a web portal specifically for your solution which will handle your telephony solution,

Some Custom Solution Examples:

  • Custom call flows 
    • Intelligently route calls based on criteria internal or external to the telephony solution
    • Direct calls based on dynamic data at the time the call comes in
    • Upload data files to a custom web portal to dictate how calls should be directed
    • Integrate your systems with our API to make call flow adjustments as they are needed
  • Post-call automation
    • Insert leads into your database based on any number of criteria (agent who answered, length of call, source of call, etc)
    • Receive webhooks to do automation within your own systems 
  • Detailed call reports
    • Searchable detailed call records
    • Custom reports can be created to show any data that is important to your organization
  • Much more, please inquire with us if your custom need has not been listed here 

Why Adopt a Custom VoIP Solution

Unify Your Communications

Bring together all your telecom tools through custom integrations and configurations. Establish a central system for all communication that is scalable and flexible.

Improve Productivity

Automate administrative tasks and stay connected when you or your users are on the go. Spend fewer resources maintaining your VoIP solutions. Get cutting-edge technology first.

Heighten Security

Build your custom VoIP solution to fit any network constraints. Enjoy the peace-of-mind of having your infrastructure offsite, where special failover and disaster recovery strategies are in place.

Get Support

Most prepaid VoIP services offer limited support. Our specialists build and maintain your VoIP solution, making support a non-issue. We learn your phone system inside and out!

Increase Accessibility

Setup intricate call queues and forwarding groups to ensure no call goes unanswered. Connect as many devices as you need, and add or remove users on demand. Grant unique privileges for each.

Common Pain-Points with Non-Custom VoIP Solutions

Never Comprise on Quality or Functionality—Give Your Business What It Deserves


VoIP can save businesses thousands of dollars a year compared to enterprise landline solutions. These savings, however, hinge on finding the right service. A custom VoIP solution ensures every dollar spent gets its maximum value.


Pre-packaged VoIP plans are sometimes restrictive. Some users have special requirements that such solutions cannot accommodate. Custom VoIP solutions allow for growth on a case-by-case basis. They’re entirely flexible.


Most hosted VoIP solutions come with standard features. Anything “out-of-the-box” is either more expensive or unavailable. To increase functionality or integrate with other services, you’ll need a custom VoIP solution.


VoIP solutions that appeal to everyone are simplified. A package that targets different skill sets must begin at the lowest level. A custom solution appeals to only your skills and needs, which grants fuller control over the solution.


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