Kazoo Telephony Platform

We are Kazoo experts.  If you are exploring using Kazoo for your next communication platform, we can help.

Kazoo Telephony Platform

What is Kazoo?

Kazoo is an open-source telephony platform which uses all best of breed open-source software to provide fully customizable API-driven geo-redundant communications.

Kazoo Components

All best of breed in their category, kazoo utilizes the following components:

  • Kamailio SBC (session border controller)
  • FreeSWITCH for media handling
  • CouchDB database
  • RabbitMQ messaging bus
  • HAProxy load balancing
  • Kazoo applications such as crossbar API and many more

Why Use Kazoo?

Kazoo ties together all of the components to create a perfect telecommunications platform.  This can be accomplished on a single server with all components, or spread out as large as is required.  Clusters of servers can be setup in different datacenters to make the platform geo-redundant with automatic failover to secondary datacenters.  This ensures your vital business calls keep flowing regardless of natural disasters, datacenter outages, or other issues which would typically cause downtime.

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