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Let us know what we can do for you to help with your Kazoo Installation.  Some of the aspects we can assist with are:

Kazoo Pre-Install Planning

Not planning out our Kazoo deployment can cause disasters down the line.  There are many components to Kazoo, all of which can be seperated into different physical and virtual machines, and all of which can be replicated for redundancy.  This can also include geo-redundancy among multiple data centers.  Knowing your end goal for your Kazoo cluster can allow painless resource additions in the future to accomodate a much higher load.  Factors to consider:

  • Budget.  How many servers can we use within the budget of the Kazoo Install
  • Redundancy. How much redundancy is needed?  No redundancy with a simple single server?  Full redundancy within one datacenter?  Full geo-redundancy between multiple data centers?
  • Call Volume. How much resources will needed to be allocated to each of the Kazoo components.  Depending on your particular case, certain components may be stressed more than in other users installations.

Virtualize or Baremetal?  Or Cloud Web Services?

This is something that really comes down to preference and the needs of your Kazoo installation.  Certain components such as FreeSWITCH are known to run best on bare metal.  Having said that, it can certainly be virtualized in lower volume deployments.  Certain aspects of Kazoo will have difficulty in some cloud web services as they like to be bound to a public IP address to function properly.  Many web services servers do not have their public IP address accessible and bindable from within the server itself.  This can cause issues for some aspects of Kazoo.

It's best to determine what type of server infrastructure to use as part of your pre-install planning based on the different factors and what you are trying to accomplish.

Install and Testing

Once all decisions have been made and a carefully designed cluster is ready to be deployed, we can assist to make sure everything is smooth sailing.  This includes full installation and securing of the servers.  If it is a new install, we will ensure access to the API and web interface with super admin privledges. Also, raw access to the database is very handy for certain admin tasks that haven't been built into either the web interface or the API.

Data Migration

Moving existing data into your new Kazoo Installation?  Let us help-- we have migrated many CouchDB databases between servers.  This has been done many times when simply moving to new database servers within the same existing Kazoo Installation.  It is also an almost identical process when moving from an old Kazoo Installation to a new installation on a new set of servers.  There is some additional work if the new installation is configured differently from the old setup.

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