Korea Republic Of Business VoIP Solutions

Business VoIP in Korea Republic Of

At 1pbx Solutions, we offer enterprise grade telecommunications solutions built around your needs. This can include DID numbers or users in Korea Republic Of and also 50+ other countries.

If you have any telecommunications needs within Korea Republic Of (Country Code 82) please do not hesitate to contact us today!

Key 1pbx Advantages for Your Korea Republic Of Business VoIP Needs

  1. Available full featured Hosted PBX business phone system functionality with Korea Republic Of coverage.  Combine Korea Republic Of phone numbers with numbers from any other countries you require to have a full featured solution under one roof.
  2. Custom VoIP development specialy designed to meet your Korea Republic Of needs.  This can include (but is not limited to) dynamically created callflows to your agents in Korea Republic Of, multiple Korea Republic Of numbers to track marketing campaign progress, or full call center solutions.
  3. If you can imagine it, we can provide your Korea Republic Of VoIP solutions.  Please contact us today to see what we can do for your business!

Korea Republic Of Virtual Phone Numbers (Korea Republic Of DIDs)

  •  Low cost incoming calls to all Korea Republic Of DIDs
  •  Cheap outbound rates to 200+ countries
  •  Flexible VOIP and PSTN forwarding in Korea Republic Of and around the world
  •  Ability to use our full-featured Cloud PBX phone solution
  •  No contrast or cancellation fees

Additional Features Available through Our pbxHQ Korea Republic Of Hosted PBX Platform


  •  Secure, reliable voice services of the highest quality
  •  Unlimited number of calls with no length limits
  •  Instant activation of phone numbers via our online 24/7 web services
  •  Changeable call forwarding destinations through our online customer portal
  •  Call waiting and caller ID supported
  •  Hunt groups and ring groups supported, allowing for multiple PSTN and VoIP destinations on a single DID
  •  Call records made available through our secure customer web portal
  •  Free 24-hour customer care by interactive live chat or phone

Legal Restrictions: DID numbers cannot be used for calling card or callback services.

Coverage in Korea Republic Of


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