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How Your Hosted PBX Gateway Works

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Hosted PBX gateways convert incoming PSTN transmissions into a form compatible with data networks – or vice versa. Such devices come in both analogue and digital formats. Sometimes users confuse hosted PBX gateways with Analogue Telephone Adaptors (ATAs), so it’s best to think of gateways as bridges between networks instead of components in a single environment. In using gateways, then, users merge the stability and reliability of the PSTN with the robustness of hosted PBX. In other words, hosted PBX gateways provide fail over options.


Plenty of vendors sell analogue hosted PBX gateways, though little distinction is made between FXO and FXS devices: the former connects traditional lines to hosted PBX systems; the latter hooks up hosted PBX phones to landline services. In both cases, the two systems remain in different geographical locations and use remote extensions. To understand such devices more fully, inspect the common features and capabilities below:

  • SIP, H.323 and MGCP protocol compliancy
  • G.711, G.723.1, G.726 and G.729A codecs support (T.38 included)
  • Echo cancellation, Jitter Buffer, VAD and CNG
  • Web-based configuration/management
  • Automatic provisioning via TFTP/HTTP
  • Call routing and least cost call routing 


Most devices come with step-by-step instructions for installation and configuration. Aside from obtaining and assigning IP addresses, management interfaces vary too much to detail in full in this post. With that said, follow these steps to setup a basic analogue gateway:

  • Power down all network equipment
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable between modem and computer
  • Connect the Ethernet cable from modem to hosted PBX gateway
  • Connect a separate Ethernet cable from gateway to computer
  • Connect a telephone device to the hosted PBX gateway
  • Turn on the modem, gateway and computer
  • Open the web-based administration software and complete the steps

To learn more, explore the various hosted PBX gateways available on the following sites: VoIP-Info and VoIP Supply.

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