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Hosted PBX Systems for Business Continuity

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How Telecommunications Affects Business Continuity

No industry is exempt from possible crises. Businesses all over the world remain at risk of natural disasters, workplace accidents, cyberattacks, communication failures and more. Thankfully, there are measures to prevent such things from occurring or to minimize the damage suffered. The concept of business continuity touches upon this subject, relating to the act of planning and preparing for critical non-routine situations.

Business continuity comprises three aspects: resilience, recovery and contingency. Interestingly, telecommunications relates to each in different ways. Resilience refers to an infrastructure’s ability to endure unexpected conditions. Similarly, recovery describes a system’s restoration speed and complexity. Contingency, on the other hand, deals with how users cope should a crisis transcend beyond the point of recovery.

Business Continuity Communications

Understandably, communication is a priority for business continuity. How a business relays messages to stakeholders and keeps in contact with key operators influences the outcome of a crisis. For this reason, businesses require communication systems that will withstand and bounce back in the worst situations. In many ways, hosted PBX satisfies this requirement.

A business may strengthen its hosted PBX system by employing high-quality hardware and structuring its networks securely. Doing so can protect against power surges, disasters, hacks and more. Since the infrastructure resides outside of the office space, it bypasses immediate threats too. Should a problem arise, the provider takes care of it, so businesses need not worry about troubleshooting or maintenance— two things that influence resilience and recovery.

Businesses may always rely on their hosted PBX systems because the service is accessible from alternate sites, networks and devices. In fact, as a primary UC (Unified Communication) tool, hosted PBX increases agent availability and expedites many tasks that would otherwise consume time and resources. Industry professionals revere Hosted PBX for its scalability, flexibility and reliability, so consider it a smart investment for your business continuity plan.

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