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How Mobile VoIP Benefits Smartphone Users

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Earlier this week, we resolved to investigate BYOD, assessing its practicality and limitations in the workplace. Appropriately, we wish to turn our attention towards how mobile VoIP benefits smartphone users. Numerous surveys report that the amount of smartphones in North America outnumbers its population, thus such devices make suitable entry points into the VoIP industry.

Apps enable users to transform their smartphones in sophisticated call devices, stretching far beyond the limitations of their talk/text plans. Likewise, for those already with VoIP, smartphones reduce the need for additional hardware. Understandably, mobile VoIP is becoming a powerful trend for employees and employers to increase productivity, flexibility and accessibility without incurring wicked fees.

Common Mobile VoIP Incentives

As extensions of hosted solutions, VoIP apps allow smartphone users to circumvent restrictions on minutes and roaming—not to mention, VoIP comes with a variety of features not yet available through standard mobile plans. With Wi-F available everywhere these days, what was once a concern is no longer. Most data plans now surpass 1GB anyway, so even low-level packages accommodate such services.

Interestingly, some networks underuse their devices’ hardware due to poor connectivity/reception. Over a strong internet connection, however, mobile VoIP users experience crisp voice quality. The same goes for pesky dropped calls and other service quirks. Admittedly, smartphone devices do offer features VoIP systems do not; but in pairing the two together, users unlock a bevy of resources that can maximize workplace efficiency. For example, iOS and Android virtual assistants. VoIP systems cannot access app stores either, whereas smartphones enable swift switching between third-party programs. There are many other hands-free features useful to telecommuters and office workers, so explore these options!

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