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Tuesday, 09 June 2020 13:52

Desk Phones Still Popular, Despite Rising Mobile Trends

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RingCentral conducted a survey to determine which call devices people prefer. The researchers sampled 505 business professionals and gleaned surprising results. They published their findings in a short infogrgraphic.

  • 83% of employees have desk phones available to them
  • 41% of employees frequently make calls from desk phones
  • 65% of employees would rather take a business call on a desk phone

Citing an article from the IP-telephony blog No Jitter, the assumption had been that desk phone usage was tapering. Mobile technology continues to boom, growing bigger and smarter over the years. It promises great gains in unified communications, catering to core talk, SMS, MMS and video strategies. It also meets the demands of a workforce always on the go. Nevertheless, desk phones remain the popular choice for now.

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