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Thursday, 14 November 2019 01:29

Chief VoIP Advantages for the Global Business

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Perhaps the most obvious VoIP advantage is its cost efficiency. Calls over the internet cost less than those over the PSTN. Long distance and roaming do not exist online either. The fact that online telephony requires fewer components also means cheaper overhead.

In regards to functionality, VoIP saves big with value-added features. Most systems come with staples like forwarding, voicemail, routing, conferencing and IVR. They are often configurable through a web interface, making setup simple. The same goes for tweaking the system down the road.

Above all else, VoIP is flexible. It scales to the user's needs and overcomes geographical boundaries traditional phone systems cannot. The rest of this post focuses on these boundaries. It explores ways VoIP benefits businesses for distance and mobility.

VoIP Makes Calling from Afar Affordable

International Calling

At a reasonable monthly rate, companies can get unlimited international calling. Even pay-as-you-go options boast aggressive per-minute and monthly fees. For businesses operating around the word, such call plans promise great savings.

Similarly, companies with customers abroad need to consider inbound accessibility. One office branch cannot suit everyone. This is where local virtual numbers help: a business can buy where their customers live. Better yet, they can procure toll-free numbers and establish national presences offshore.

IP Conferencing

IP conferencing bridges the gap for businesses unable to meet with customers face-to-face. From large meetings to one-on-one conversations, IP conferencing provides an affordable means of personable communication.

VoIP Helps Keep Your Business Mobile

User Roaming

For employees who travel, packing a VoIP phone or headset can lessen the hotel bill. Instead of using the service in room, they can connect to the internet and make the calls. Most hotels offer Wi-Fi and ethernet these days, so data shouldn't be a worry.

Incoming Designation

VoIP systems can hunt users by routing calls to devices nearest them. This works by forwarding calls sequentially or simultaneously. Businesses can save time and handle more calls with this feature. After all, more and more employees work remotely these days. Having options off the desk helps with availability concerns.

Third-Party Integration

VoIP services work well with other SaaS applications. For instance, email clients and instant messengers. While this is not supported by all VoIP systems, it is something to inquire about. VoIP is a great first step towards unified communications.

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