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BLF-Function Keys on Your IP-Phone

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Monitoring Phone Extensions from an IP-Device

Most VoIP solutions include BLF (Busy Lamp Field) as a standard feature, though not all IP-phones support it. Sometimes, manufacturers refer to BLF as DSS (Direct Station Selection), so check your documentation for both. Devices with this capability make it easier on administrators to monitor several extensions within a phone system.

The LED light on compatible IP-phones indicates whether an agent is available, currently receiving a call or busy, depending on its colour and flashing behaviour. For instance, some phones flash red for a call-in-progress, turning to a solid state when answered or returning to green if unanswered. Red and green variations are the most common, though complex IP-devices may use others for an array of different call activities. In fact, devices often contain more than one light source.

Apart from signalling the presence of an incoming call, BLF-function keys also enable call answering from a remote device. When a colleague is away from his or her station, for instance, the administrator may pick up the call for that extension from his or her own desktop device by simply pushing the blinking key. To do so, users must belong to the same call group—something configurable within the VoIP solution. For basic BLF functionality, however, users typically do not require configuration.

Configure BLF-Function Keys in Your Browser and System

In some instances, users need to open their IP-phone’s setting in a browser to activate BLF. Should this be the case, the manufacturer will provide detailed instructions to follow. Most VoIP systems automatically detect this key, though some require manual configuration too. Commonly, this is truest for high-end devices with a plethora of function keys and features that need customized pairing to a solution. Thankfully, setting up this feature should be no different than specifying speed-dialing numbers or some other staple function.

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