Call Queues

Systems expecting large call volumes need queues. Queues are virtual lineups in the call-flow—an area where callers wait to be served. In queues, callers listen to playback messages and music, making the wait time feel shorter.

Assigning Users to the Call Queue PBX Feature

Queues operate in five ways.

  1. 1. Ring All: Every extension connected to a given menu receives the call at once.
  2. 2. Least Recent: The system forwards to whichever user has been off the phone longest.
  3. 3. Fewest Calls: The system sends calls to the user with the lowest activity levels.
  4. 4. Random: Calls go out to extensions unsystematically.
  5. 5. Round Robin: The system assigns calls based on a predetermined order that repeats.

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