Interactive Voice Menu

Voice menus, also referred to as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), comprise the backbone of any PBX system. Without them, callers would not know how to navigate extension-to-extension, nor would users be able to intricately connect the features and objects available.

How the Voice Menu PBX Feature Works

Voice menus prompt callers to press keys and move through call options. For example, a business might direct calls to one of three departments: (1) Sales, (2) Account Management, or (3) Technical Support. Essentially, the hierarchy and structure of the voice menu determines which calls go where and when.


Users can upload custom voice menus, augmenting brand authenticity and image. Greeting callers with a friendly, professional IVR can improve the customer experience greatly, especially when tailored to promotions, seasons, and/or times of day.


Receptionists and administrators no longer need to manually transfer calls, freeing up their time to complete other necessary tasks. Process more calls in a timelier and more efficient manner with the voice menu PBX feature.


Direct callers to departments high or low on the system’s hierarchy. Alternatively, setup lines and extensions for users to bypass the menu entirely—a feature great for existing clients, colleagues, friends and more.

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