Call Recording

Call recording applies to both inbound and outbound calls. The audio data generated can be saved to cloud storage or forward to email as an attachment. This feature is in high demand because it provides benefits across all areas of business—financial, legal, administrative, and more.

Why Enable the Call Recording PBX Feature

Customer Service

How better to gauge employee-customer interactions than eavesdropping on or reviewing past conversations? Managers can identify best practices and highlight weak points in customer engagements this way. Plus, it contributes to the amount of customer history from which sales and support agents can work.

Employee Training

When an employee nears his or her performance review, call recordings can help managers assess that employee’s sales or support efficacy. As well, recordings of exemplary customer servicing can be given to new hires for studying or mimicking.

Corporate Liability

These days, everybody looks for excuses to sue. Miscommunication can lead to various consequences, some of which escalate into a legal problems. Businesses can protect against this by documenting all interactions and recording phone conversations. Call agents simply need to insert a privacy clause into the IVR or mention it before recording a call.

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