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How VoIP Enables Structured Strategies for Customer Care Did you know that most call centres cater to the needs of the elderly? As expounded in a recent TMCnet column, many customer-service agents target 77-year olds because they prefer over-the-phone interactions, whereas younger generations would rather pull up a webpage. By strategizing to meet the needs…
Wednesday, 04 March 2020 09:13

New Survey Captures Hosted PBX Device Preferences

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Hard Phone Popularity Undermined by Softphone Functionality and Interoperability Hosted PBX solutions can connect with and forward to a variety of contact objects, including smartphones, analogue phones, SIP devices and softphones. While some users prefer to work with only one device, most configure a collection to boost their availability. Yet despite this flexibility, a recent…
Tuesday, 03 March 2020 08:53

The Components of a VoIP Hard Phone

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Although some VoIP hard phones may resemble traditional desk phones, they provide users with enhanced QoS and security. While ATA adapters allow users to reuse old analogue devices, VoIP hard phones have been designed to work over the internet, making them the best solution available. Unlike softphone alternatives, such phones also operate independently, meaning they…
Monday, 02 March 2020 09:32

Softphones versus Hard Phones for VoIP

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Which Call Device Will You Use in the Office? After one signs up for VoIP, they are confronted with a decision: Softphone or hard phone. Despite the fact hard phone sales grow steadily each year, users should acknowledge how quickly softphones have become a workplace favourite. In fact, businesses that employ VoIP commonly end up with mixed environments…
Friday, 21 February 2020 12:12

IVR Menu Tips for Small Businesses

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Improve Your IVR Menus with These Best Practices At some point, you’ve called a business and listened to its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu. If in this situation more than once, you likely noticed a difference in experience: that's because some call systems are intuitive, easy-to-follow, while others more arduous. Businesses should strive for the…
Friday, 21 February 2020 11:10

When to Call Instead of Email

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Three Scenarios Where You Should Call Instead of Email Everyone sends emails; however, not everyone reads them. Depending on the recipient, emails can pile up and bury one another. Similarly, spam filters sometimes trash the wrong messages and prevent critical information from reaching its receiver. As Financial Post suggests, “Email is a bad medium for sensitive or…
Thursday, 06 February 2020 21:33

Compare Hosted PBX with Onsite PBX in 5 Steps

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With a flood of hosted PBX solutions pouring onto the market, businesses are beginning to ask, "Is an online phone system right for us?" The rise of online-based telephony has displaced many traditional landline services. Now it challenges onsite PBX, a popular technology amongst multi-office corporations. As hosted PBX grows more advanced, many large businesses…
Thursday, 06 February 2020 21:23

Is the Fax Machine As Relevant As Ever?

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In the age of email, how does the fax machine keep a presence in the modern workplace? Irrefutably, technology has displaced many traditional means of file sharing. For instance, cloud storage enables users to upload and download on demand. Email and instant messaging, too, eliminate the need to pass memos around the office. As everything…
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