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Gadgets rely on numerous power sources. Often, portable devices use batteries—rechargeable or disposable—while stationary devices plug in via DC connection. Yet network components, such as Wireless Access Points (WAP), routers and switches, sometimes operate on Power-over-Ethernet (POE), a method in which devices simultaneously receive electricity and data through a network cable. POE also works well…
RingCentral conducted a survey to determine which call devices people prefer. The researchers sampled 505 business professionals and gleaned surprising results. They published their findings in a short infogrgraphic. 83% of employees have desk phones available to them 41% of employees frequently make calls from desk phones 65% of employees would rather take a business call…
Thursday, 28 May 2020 12:42

How Mobile VoIP Benefits Smartphone Users

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Mobile VoIP Features and Applications Earlier this week, we resolved to investigate BYOD, assessing its practicality and limitations in the workplace. Appropriately, we wish to turn our attention towards how mobile VoIP benefits smartphone users. Numerous surveys report that the amount of smartphones in North America outnumbers its population, thus such devices make suitable entry points…
Wednesday, 27 May 2020 19:33

Should You Implement a BYOD Plan?

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What is BYOD? BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device.  In terms of business telecommunications, it would involve end-users using their own SIP clients--hard phones and/or softphones--to connect to their service provider.  In contrast, many service providers can provide devices to use with their service which have been preconfigured to work out of the box.…
Thursday, 16 April 2020 13:13

Debunking Common Hosted PBX Misconceptions

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Regardless how powerful the technology, some consumers will always resist. With hosted PBX, for instance, the technology has existed for years, yet some refuse to switch despite the promised savings and features. Hello Operator, a section of the VoIP- and telecom-consulting firm Software Advice, recently conducted a survey to unveil the causes of such consumer hesitation.…
Monday, 13 April 2020 13:04

When You Know It's Time for Hosted PBX

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You may not realize it, but your landline phone system could be hurting your business. Datedness causes pain in many places: your wallet, customer service, and even administration. Hosted PBX provides a flexible, affordable alternative for businesses looking to boost their communications. To illustrate this fact, here are a few signs that your business needs…
Reliability is one of the main reasons businesses hesitate to trade in their traditional phone lines. Since hosted PBX systems operate over the internet, power outages and surges pose a unique threat to communications. Depending on the office environment, the risk of service downtime may be greater, which is why businesses should purchase an uninterruptible…
The term cloud computing comes up a lot these days. In short, it refers to the act of connecting with online services to store and manage data. Through cloud computing, businesses can streamline processes and find resources tailored to niche demands. Providers host solutions for all industries and applications. Most things once in-house now exist somewhere in…
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