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Thursday, 14 November 2019 01:29

Chief VoIP Advantages for the Global Business

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Perhaps the most obvious VoIP advantage is its cost efficiency. Calls over the internet cost less than those over the PSTN. Long distance and roaming do not exist online either. The fact that online telephony requires fewer components also means cheaper overhead. In regards to functionality, VoIP saves big with value-added features. Most systems come with…
Modern businesses encourage prospects to get in touch through many channels. But as popular as social media and email are, most consumers still prefer to call for information. Research compiled by Answer-4u estimates that 80% of inbound communications occur over the phones. The response timeframe for a phone call is considerably smaller than other modes…
Thursday, 07 November 2019 11:16

Business Voicemail Best Practices

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Voicemail etiquette applies not only to your inbox, but to the messages you leave for others as well. While a single rule may not exist for recording business voicemails, there are a series of “best practices” one should adopt to increase the effectiveness of the message. Business Voicemail Greetings Straight-forward, courteous, and concise — three…
Friday, 01 November 2019 09:51

Hosted Phone Systems for Hotels, Motels and Inns

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In modern hotels, guests expect amenities like cable, internet and phone. Yet most overnighters never take advantage of such services. Hosted phone systems can help hotel owners offer cheaper, fuller phone services. With discounted per-minute rates, plus free access to professional features like call forwarding and conferencing, guests see more reason to pick up the…
Most businesses rely on some form of auto-attendant to greet and process callers. An auto-attendant, also called IVR (interactive voice response), tells callers how to navigate a phone system. Through voice recordings, it describes the paths callers can take and prompts them to select a single destination. A report from Software Advice illustrates the importance…
Monday, 28 October 2019 15:13

What Is Toll Fraud and What to Do About It?

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Hackers commit toll fraud by hijacking a phone service and placing unauthorized long-distance calls. In severe cases, they charge thousands of dollars within a few hours. On average, toll-fraud damages amount to twice that caused by credit card fraud! The end-user often assumes responsibility for toll fraud. Fraudsters target individual networks with vulnerabilities; rarely do…
Business phone systems contain many voice recordings. Recall the last time someone put you on hold: what did you hear? Likely, you had to listen to an advertisement, notification, or song. Voicemail boxes and phone menus act similarly. They instruct us to press a button or leave a message. The purpose of a voice response…
Monday, 21 October 2019 17:59

How to Plan for a New Hosted Phone System

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As a prelude to its spring webinar, Metaswitch Networks and Edgewater Networks released data from its most recent Unified Communications (UC) survey. For it, the company sampled 1,250 North American SMB decision-makers. The results suggest that 60% to 70% of businesses still cling to landline solutions. That said, the majority intend to migrate to the…
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