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Tuesday, 07 April 2020 12:38

Hosted PBX Systems for Business Continuity

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How Telecommunications Affects Business Continuity No industry is exempt from possible crises. Businesses all over the world remain at risk of natural disasters, workplace accidents, cyberattacks, communication failures and more. Thankfully, there are measures to prevent such things from occurring or to minimize the damage suffered. The concept of business continuity touches upon this subject, relating to…
Friday, 03 April 2020 14:35

VoIP Encryption Protocols

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Without VoIP encryption, data packets in-transit are susceptible to loss, theft, and tampering. Interception of an audio file could lead to unwanted eavesdropping or voice recording — both of which pose a major privacy risk to your business. While some VoIP clients include an encryption protocol, businesses should seek further measures of security. Currently, there…
Depending on the user, a hosted PBX account can contain scads of sensitive information. But as with most paid services, this is to be expected. As a precaution, hosted PBX registrants should carefully pick secure passwords to prevent unauthorized usage and data retrieval. Although this topic may appear elementary, it is one universally applicable.  FINDING…
Friday, 03 April 2020 13:53

Troubleshooting VoIP Quality Issues

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Overall, VoIP offers excellent call quality. On occasion, though, some users experience service deterioration, most commonly in the form of echo, choppiness, or delay. This is because VoIP breaks down audio into light packets for easy transfer over the internet. During this process, networks and hardware devices sometimes get in the way. Luckily, we’ve pinpointed…
Businesses commonly believe that VoIP technology requires a handsome upfront investment to service, set-up, and secure. While there are ways to wrack-up the bill, transitioning to VoIP does not need to cost your business a fortune. In fact, businesses can even reuse much of the same equipment, leaving their current networks intact and their phones…
How VoIP Enables Structured Strategies for Customer Care Did you know that most call centres cater to the needs of the elderly? As expounded in a recent TMCnet column, many customer-service agents target 77-year olds because they prefer over-the-phone interactions, whereas younger generations would rather pull up a webpage. By strategizing to meet the needs…
Wednesday, 04 March 2020 09:13

New Survey Captures Hosted PBX Device Preferences

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Hard Phone Popularity Undermined by Softphone Functionality and Interoperability Hosted PBX solutions can connect with and forward to a variety of contact objects, including smartphones, analogue phones, SIP devices and softphones. While some users prefer to work with only one device, most configure a collection to boost their availability. Yet despite this flexibility, a recent…
Tuesday, 03 March 2020 08:53

The Components of a VoIP Hard Phone

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Although some VoIP hard phones may resemble traditional desk phones, they provide users with enhanced QoS and security. While ATA adapters allow users to reuse old analogue devices, VoIP hard phones have been designed to work over the internet, making them the best solution available. Unlike softphone alternatives, such phones also operate independently, meaning they…
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